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Parental Transition Coaching: book now before our prices go up next month

Written by Eloise Spearman | Client Services Manager

A reminder that Returning Works is currently offering a package of four parental transition coaching sessions for £3,750.

Our coaching provides support to returning mums, helping them develop strategies to more easily blend their caring and professional responsibilities, while keeping confidence and productivity high. With this intensive, 1:1 support, returners are more likely to make a positive return to work, continue on their career pathway and stay in the organisation long term.

Our coaches Tomi Ayodeji, Karen Chamberlain, Claire Burgess, Kerry Dudley MBA and Guy Peters are all parental transition specialists, and have decades of experience delivering 1:1 and group coaching, so your returners will be in very good hands. You can read their biographies here.

We will be increasing our prices after Easter, so if you have anyone starting or returning from parental leave soon, and who’d benefit from parental transition coaching, please get in touch and we can get the ball rolling now.


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