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Working from Home

Who We Are:
About Returning Works®

“The coaching has been an excellent return on investment. We had great feedback from participants, and we can really see the value. Providing coaching helps with wellbeing and participants have been promoted while going through the programme.”

Valerie Hardie, New Parents Champion, Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Our clients

We work with organisations including:
  • UK Power Networks
  • Frazer-Nash Consultancy
  • HS2
  • Great Western Railway
  • Wellcome Sanger Institute
  • UK Atomic Energy Authority
  • General Dental Council
  • Housing21
  • GE Healthcare.

At Returning Works® we know that organisations need to take a holistic approach to creating an environment which is inclusive for returning parents. Wherever in the world your people are, we will show you how to bring about a rapid cultural shift where expectant and returning parents feel welcome and are able to continue on their career pathways, reaching their full potential.


We show organisations how to:

  • create inclusive workplaces that parents can’t wait to return to after family leave

  • keep working parents in the talent pipeline long term

  • support working parents so they can continue on their career pathways.


We help organisations make the most of their returner talent. Employers choose to partner with Returning Works® because they want to create a culture shift so that they see high, long-term retention after parental leave and continued career progression, so that working mums are able to reach the highest levels of the organisation and gender pay gaps close.


To achieve this, we work in partnership with organisations to diagnose their current family policies, benefits and support, to assess what is working well and what needs to change. Every organisation is at a different stage in their parental inclusion journey and using our tried-and-tested framework, we benchmark organisations to assess if they are competitive employers and identify any barriers in place that are impacting on female representation when they become mothers.


We show employers how to implement a best-practice framework, recommending clearly identified steps to take that will focus their resources on making change where it matters and will have the most impact. Our partners quickly create an environment where parents want to work in their organisations and can continue on their chosen career pathway without encountering a glass ceiling.


Returning Works® helps leaders and employees create this inclusive culture through allyship training and coaching. We support returners and their managers, making shifts to the attitudes and behaviours that enable expectant and returning parents to thrive in the workplace after family leave.

What do our clients say? Working with us:

  • Increases retention of working parents long term

  • Creates a family-friendly reputation that attracts the highest-calibre people

  • Prevents skills gaps and loss of expertise

  • Increases gender diversity, particularly at senior levels

About Us

Meet the team

Five reasons to work with us:

1 / Keep your parental returners long term

2 / Identify where to focus your resources so that you make the changes where it will have most
3 / Implement a best-practice framework that will attract and retain working parents
4 / Build allyship so that there is a rapid cultural shift towards a family friendly culture
5 / Address inappropriate behaviours and attitudes that lead to maternity bias and discrimination

Did you know...?

Our Clients Say...

An expert in the returners market, Emma combines creativity and empathy to produce first class content. It has been a pleasure to work with her.

Annie Gregson, Learning Content Manager


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