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Parental Transition Coaching

Life coaching

Coaching at Frazer-Nash Consultancy

"The coaching has been an excellent return on investment. We had great feedback from participants, and we can really see the value.”

Your expectant and working parents are an important talent pool, and supporting them so they remain engaged and productive will safeguard retention and mean your returners will continue on their career pathway.


Our parental transition coaching is an inclusive programme that supports employees as they go through this huge life change, helping them blend family and professional life so they remain confident, motivated and engaged.


We coach parents so they return after leave and continue their career progression, strengthening the talent pipeline.


We coach managers so they confidently and consistently provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for working parents, creating a family friendly culture that retains and attracts high-calibre people.


Parental Coaching supports employees and managers through pregnancy, parental leave and the return-to-work. We provide a flexible, bespoke 1:1 programme that identifies any challenges to participation, progression and wellbeing, and address these, so that you keep your talented returners and they continue their long-term career progression.

What we offer:

  • Parental Transition Coaching
  • Coaching for Managers and Leaders
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Ready to find out more?

We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message and let's start a conversation about how you can support your expectant and returning parents and strengthen your talent pipelines.


Our Coachees Say

Happy Scientist
After every session, I left feeling empowered. Emma is an excellent listener and instead of giving direct advice, she guides the conversation so I can use my own tools to solve the issues I wanted to discuss.

Coachee, Biomedical Research Institute

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