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Offer a best practice experience for your parental returners

Updated: 4 days ago

Written by Eloise Spearman | Client Services Manager

In our conversations with expectant and returning mums, they often tell us that a knowledgeable and supportive line manager who really ‘gets it’ is key to a successful transition back to work after parental leave.

Our live, interactive Parental Allyship for Managers workshops explore the impact the parental transition has on employees in the workplace, show line managers how to create a family friendly culture, and share how to create a best practice experience that will make expectant parents feel supported and valued.

Hosted by a parental transition specialist, the Workshops cover:

  • The business case for re-engaging returners and their lived experience in the workplace.

  • How to help parental returners by working to a best practice framework, with key processes in place, including a pre-agreed communication plan, handovers, effective use of Keep-In-Touch Days and a reorientation on the return.

  • How to empathise with women going through the maternity transition.

  • How maternity bias can influence the attitudes and behaviours of managers and how to spot the signs and counteract these.

  • How to help parental carers successfully blend their professional responsibilities with their professional lives.

The live session includes facilitated discussion and questions, as well as time built in for return-to-work planning both as a group and in breakout rooms.

We currently have capacity to deliver Parental Allyship Workshops over the coming months. Get in touch if this something you’d like to offer your line manages, and we will get the ball rolling!


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