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First steps to creating a culture of allyship & inclusion

Written by Eloise Spearman | Client Services Manager

Earlier this year, we shared some research from the Young Women’s Trust that highlighted the prevalence of outdated and harmful attitudes and biases in today’s workplaces, with its poll of 900 personnel managers finding that nearly one in five were reluctant to hire women who they thought might go on to start families, and nearly one in seven believe that men are better suited to senior roles than women.

These attitudes affect all of women’s experiences at work, from pay discrimination to unfair treatment around contracts and barriers to promotion. In turn, this leads to damaged talent pipelines as women are prevented from reaching senior levels after maternity.

The organisations we work with understand the importance of fostering an inclusive culture where senior leaders, line managers and colleague are all active allies for returning parents. They are starting these conversations with Returning Works’ Parental Awareness Webinars.

Priced at £900 and led by a parental transition specialist, our 60-minute, live virtual session helps colleagues understand the lived experience of maternity returners and how they can be an ally, to help returners overcome any challenges or barriers to participation.

They explore:

  • How the parental life transition can change priorities, affect confidence and sense of identity

  • The evidence that shows what is happening to parents in the workplace today, when they go through the maternity transition

  • The business case for supporting returners on retention, engagement and career development

  • How to ease the transition back into work, from the perspective of returners, colleagues and managers, so that returning parents feel like your organisation is a family-friendly workplace.

We have availability over the coming months, so if you’d like to book a Webinar to kick-start a conversation about parental allyship at your organisation, drop us a message and we can get you booked in.


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