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Delivering results: why we are the parental transition experts

Written by Dr Emma Waltham | Parental Returners Expert

At Returning Works, we’re confident that our interventions and services deliver real results for our clients. In this blog, we take you through our USPs and why the Returning Works team are best placed to help create inclusive, family-friendly workplaces where returning parents feel confident, valued and ready to progress their careers.

1 – Strategic

We take a holistic view of how to attract, develop and retain expectant and returning parents, working to a tried and tested framework.

Our strategic approach recognises the variety of parenting experiences, engaging all employees – including line managers, colleagues and senior leaders – giving them the tools they need to provide the right support.

Read more about our services – from parental transition coaching and awareness training to consultancy.

2 – Inclusive

Our inclusive allyship approach considers everyone in the organisation, whatever stage they are at or wherever in the world they live, making no assumptions.

“People are often afraid of this subject as they don’t want to get anything wrong or inadvertantly offend. However, none of this matters one jot with Emma, because she puts everyone so completely at ease and respects her audience enormously.” John Simmonds, Respect & Inclusion Lead, Housing21

3 – Specialist

Our expertise in parental transition, particularly in the STEM and HE sectors, means we can share insights into what works and how organisations compare. The team at Returning Works has decades of leadership expertise, so we understand what our clients need and we deliver it, allowing them to keep their returners and increase gender diversity at senior levels

Read about our team’s experience and areas of expertise.

4 – Coaching style

We use a non-judgemental coaching style in all our interventions, enabling insights, creating action and making stakeholders accountable.

"Emma reassured me that I am planning and interacting in the right way with my colleague. I appreciated that the session wasn't leading, but instead Emma made suggestions about what might be good practice. I really enjoyed the coaching, and it was very valuable." Manager, Engineering Firm

5 – Return on Investment

Our interventions are good value for money, well-established and tested; everything we do is focused on really making a difference so that the organanisations we work with achieve stronger female talent pipelines.

“The coaching has been an excellent return on investment. We had great feedback from participants, and we can really see the value. Providing coaching helps with wellbeing and participants have been promoted while going through the programme.” Valerie Hardie, New Parents Champion, Frazer Nash Consultancy

The results

What does this mean? When employers work with us, they see results. They reap the benefits of improved retention and increased productivity, and create workplaces where returning mums want to stay and progress to senior levels – leading to greater gender parity and reduced pay gaps.

If this sounds like where you want your organisation to be in 2024, let’s arrange a call to get the ball rolling. We have a small number of scoping calls available for 2023 – get booked in before they get snapped up!


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