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Parental Consultancy

Becoming an employer of choice for working parents makes it so much easier to attract and keep talented people.


We work with partner organisations to discover what is working well and identify where change is needed to create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for expectant and returning parents.


Our consultants want to help you make a cultural shift, so your workplace is an environment where working parents can be themselves and work at their full potential.


We work with our partners to create strategies that focus resources on taking the key steps that will have real, lasting impact.


We help organisations become an employer of choice for working parents, and achieve increased productivity and gender diversity at all levels.

What we offer

  • Parental Reviews
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementation Support
Financial Report

Ready to find out more?

Become an employer of choice for working parents. Drop me a message and let's start a conversation today.


Did you know...?

Working with global clients

The coaching has been an
excellent return on investment. We had great feedback from participants, and we can really see the value.

Valerie Hardy, Frazer Nash Consultancy

BAM Nuttall



General Dental

GE Healthcare


UK Power Networks

Wellcome Sanger Institute

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