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Parental Transition Coaching: how to tackle gender pay gaps for good

Written by Eloise Spearman | Client Services Manager

As we begin a new year, now is an ideal time to consider areas where your organisation can make a positive and lasting difference to your returning mums’ career progression and your gender pay gap.

I’m sure you heard about the research released on Equal Pay Day 2023 from the Fawcett Society, which found that the UK’s gender pay gap won't close until 2051. We know that the GPG is largely attributed to motherhood, and that maternity disrupts women’s career pathways and often prevents them from reaching senior levels.

Our Parental Transition Coaching programme is a targeted intervention that supports returning parents during an often stressful and disruptive pinch-point in their careers.

Our coaching sessions help them develop strategies to more easily blend their caring and professional responsibilities, while keeping confidence and productivity high. With this intensive 1:1 support, returners are more likely to make a positive return to work, continue on their career pathway and stay in the organisation long term.

More and more organisations are offering this support and our clients love being able to offer this provision, telling us it gives an excellent return on investment. They say it is one of the most cost-effective ways they’ve found of keeping returning mums on their career pathways.

Does your organisation have any women due to return from maternity leave this year? We are currently offering a package of four parental transition coaching sessions for £3,750, if booked by Easter.

If you’d like to book in one of your returning mums, get in touch and we can get the ball rolling so they have the support they need to make a successful and enjoyable return to work, with specialist and targeted help to develop strategies to juggle their work and home lives, as well as keep their career-progression plate spinning.


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