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Parental returners: how to provide a best-practice experience in 2024

Written by Eloise Spearman | Client Services Manager

At Returning Works, we're really excited about what 2024 will bring, as our team continues to grow and we welcome new clients from the tech, nuclear and higher education sectors.

When it comes to engaging your returning parents, what are your priorities for 2024? Where did you make most progress last year? Where will you focus your energy and resources to build on these foundations this year, to deliver a best-practice experience for your returners?

Returning Works can help deliver your plans.

Our Family Friendly Review is a great place to start. One of our specialist consultants will conduct a deep dive evaluation of your family policies, processes, benefits and training, which will lead to a tailored recommendations report that will benchmark your company against similar organisations and highlight the next steps to becoming a family friendly employer of choice.

If you have women currently on maternity leave, consider booking a course of parental transition coaching sessions to ease them successfully back into work. We have an established pool of experienced coaches, so it’s quick and easy for your mums to find and book a session at a convenient time via our Booking portal.

We have also launched our new bite-sized videos for managers, a series of three, 15-minute parental training videos that upskill line managers and give them a best-practice framework to work to. The videos will fit seamlessly into your Learning Management System, so they can be accessed by your line managers when needed.

Let's work together

Book in a call and talk about your family-friendly offering in 2024 and how we can work together to make it even better.


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